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Road Bikes

One of the most unique forms of bikes is the road bike. It is the most popular for cross country track or road racing. Typically it is the lightest weight design, and carries the most aerodynamic composition of all of the bikes available. The bike is usually measured in grams to let you know more precisely how much it is. The handlebars are also generally different from mountain bikes. On a road bike, the handles are curved like a rams horn to enable the rider to place more weight onto them. By transferring the weight in this way the bike has the advantage of moving less with his or her legs. The stance is a mastered performance by significant contenders in large scale competitions like the tour de France or the Iron Man series.

This bike is drastically smaller and quicker than any of its mountain bike variants on flat ground. The road version of the bicycle is usually devoid of any suspension at all, preferring the rigid frame because of its ability to transfer energy well to the ground. The other advantage is that suspension systems add weigh and that is the bane of the road bike. There are generally no hard lands that a road racer prepares for so the suspension system is cut in favor of a superior weight.


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