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Kids Bikes

Kids’ bikes are a growing field of mass production in the United States since children account for a large number of Christmas time sales of toys and other gifts. The rise in popularity along with the suburban culture of cruising around the neighborhood at a young age means that the children are inclined from both their peers and their parents to want to pick up bike riding. The social imperatives for the biking riding culture are well maintained as bike riding is a source of good exercise and fosters adolescent independence.

Kids’ bikes are sized by the height of the child to be large enough, or small enough, for the child in question. Typically a bike’s “fit” is measured by the room between the seat, the dangling leg, and the pedal. Ideally, the leg should be slightly bent providing the optimal pushing capacity for the child. Most children’s bikes do not come with adjustable seats however, so it is a good investment idea to buy a bike that is slightly too big for your child. As the child moves towards a pubescent height, the bikes are generally more expensive, but also gain adjustable seats, meaning that a bike can “grow” with the child, up to a point. The flexibility of later bikes make them a great investment, while the firm structure of the small bikes provide a fantastic basis from which to learn to ride.


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