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Bike Shop

One of the best advantages a single biker, couple, or group can do is to familiarize themselves with the local bike shop that exists in the area that they will be biking on a trip or just casually enjoying a day trail. The shop has the best thing you can get on any bike ride: information. A local shop will have maps and knowledge of the best nearby trails. They can provide you with the know-how to get to a difficult location or provide information that might not be on a trail map, like the best place to grab a filling meal after a full day of biking.

Aside from the wealth of information a good bike shop carries, there is also an abundance of tools that is recommended for any off road session. Depending on how far you’re going and what the conditions are, you will want at least one spare tire and perhaps a hole fixing kit and pump. Of course it is never as simple as just those items; you will also want to have with you a first aid kit, the tools to change the bike, and enough nourishment in terms of both food and water so that you will be physiologically prepared for the task at hand. All of this can be found at a well-stocked supply store, and for that reason a simple stop at a local bike shop can be very advantageous for your next trip.


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