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Bike Rack

A bike enthusiast is easily track able by the gear and other items they choose to purchase. A bike rack is one of the most obvious indicators that sit atop a car. The rack is a well known accessory made from several different companies that just attaches to the frame of the car. Typically, the rack is made of a grid-like section of bars and tracks. The bars run widthwise on the car to providing a holding cell for the rails which are more like metallic V’s to hold the wheels of the bike. Most bike sets come with one to four rails of varying lengths, allowing you to carry from one to possibly eight bikes if you remove the wheels. The rails will have a locking arm that reaches up from the roof of the car to lock onto the bike frame. Lastly, there are straps that make sure that the bike tires cannot roll within the wheels. The positioning of the bike is done frontwards to minimize wind drag on the bikes as the car moves forward.

Almost all bike racks will also have several locking mechanisms. The first take place when the width-wise poles reach up from the frame of the car. At the joint between the poles or around there is the first lock that makes sure someone cannot just steal the rack. Second there is typically another locking mechanism on the arm that holds the bikes so that even if your bike is fully stocked, you are safe. However, if is recommended that you bring the bikes into your motel room or housing area if you are touring a new place to be doubly sure that your trip doesn’t have a catastrophe.


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